Balancing Act…

This week has been a blur, not to mention a juggle, so I apologize in advance if my article does not hold the zeal and anguish of the past pieces. I have to be honest, I am currently attending a fantastic seminar on one of those beautiful islands to the west and may have writers block; simply because there is too much beauty for me to not take in and appreciate. While the location is beyond gorgeous, I must admit these events do take a toll due to the copious hours gratefully spent on the many responsibilities that come with being a business owner. This is not a complaint but rather a passing of perspective and good will.
So here I am, finding myself searching for a topic to expound on but I can’t seem to, so instead of doing the norm I’m going to take a moment to reflect and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as well as gratitude. Reason being is, while there may be a never-ending reminder of what evils lurk, whether in business or in our personal life, we all have one common denominator… our constant quest to find balance. Balance with one’s self, family, business, school, friendships and so forth. We wake up every day with a routine. Some of these routines are more strenuous than others and carry more weight. This weight however, can compound into stress and ultimately deter us from our pursuits in life. Having said that, it is so important to find outlets that help alleviate the tension, bring us back on track and back to a good healthy balance.
While this may not be a direct comparison, I do see a similar pursuit for balance that our clients seem to be in search of day in and day out. A legitimate injured worker has to navigate through a laborious and pain staking path down the medical and legal sectors. They have to make some serious adjustments to their lives in hopes of not derailing physically, mentally and financially. Time is not working in their best interest and the process certainly doesn’t lend a supportive hand; So begins our work to defend their cause, their rights and ultimately see them through this unfortunate journey. We sincerely hope to see them return to medical maximal improvement as quickly as possible. Most of all though, we hope that with their award and our industry leading vocational Return-To-Work counseling options, they can take a healthy leap into a new career and potential future. One with more opportunities and less risk.
At Laura M Wilson and Associates we are dedicated to your valued clients and will not settle for the easiest path. We are committed to providing an elevated quality of service and care. Rest assured that we understand the pursuit for balance and we translate it by way of our services, motivation and sincere willingness to help our fellow injured workers of California return to a new way of life. A balanced way of life.
To my colleagues, clients and respected supporters, here is to finding that great energy and balance; and keeping it for as long as possible.
Laura M Wilson