Our Nation, Our People and Our Future

Although we will always remember and be reminded of 9/11/2001 we will forever honor and
remember those who selflessly gave their lives to save others. The first responders, the civilian heroes
and the innocent people who were lost during the most cowardly act of terror on American soil, will forever resonate
within our Country’s fabric for centuries to come. Much has happened since that fateful day and suffice it to say, these
recreant occurrences will continue to happen. Terror has shifted focus and transcended the “America
Only” target. We’ve seen these acts take place on a global scale non-dependent of any color or
creed. One archaic leader after another, are hunted down and deleted from our society but
unfortunately their teachings and hatred are handed down to other hateful neanderthal and so
goes the perpetual cycle of ignorance and animosity.

One thing remains, humanity will mourn, rebuild and continue to flourish. We have grown as a
country, we have weathered each and every storm presented and we will continue to prevail. I
am proud to be an American no matter what the global opinion may be. “Making America great again” does
not happen by dividing the Nation and making a contest out of what side will win and how the governing
bodies will be directed; it is created by coming together as people trying to save and/or help others.
We are being tested once again but this time it goes beyond that pitiful excuse for a leader in North
Korea or the never ending masked pigeonhearted sacks of waste known as ISIS, HAMAS, TALIBAN,
AL-QAEDA, etc. Don’t they know that when we read whatever crafty acronym their genius leaders came
up with we translate that into SCUM!?

But I digress… the tests we need to mind are economic inequality, social polarization and the
intensifying environmental dangers that encompass our Nation. I cited the Hurricanes last week and we
are already seeing a ripple effect as a result of their devastation. The economic hit is in the billions and climbing. The need
for more volunteers and materials is endless; people are looting, starving and there is no end
in sight yet. Rebuilding takes time, sacrifice and money. I ask that you do whatever you can, whether in
form of donations, resource and/or in kindness. Any help goes a long way.

America will always be tested, the people will always be challenged and our nation will always
grow stronger. Be proud to be an American and ALWAYS respect and honor the fallen.

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Laura M Wilson