Post Labor Day and Acts of Nature…

I hope everyone relaxed and enjoyed this past Labor Day Weekend. Whether hosting barbecues, pool parties or enjoyed the river, beach, lakes and/or parks; my main wish is that your time spent was with your loved ones.

Summer was a blur, business never sleeps and the time passes quickly, so hug those you love and make those lasting memories fuel your spirits. Coming back from a nice relieving and soul strengthening trip. I’m trying my best to keep that good energy flowing even though I have my work cut out for me. The only negative that comes with taking a vacation is the work and calendar that greets you the moment you step off the plane. Ah… the challenges and victories that come with running my beloved Vocational Counseling Service, I wouldn’t change it for the world! As always, a sincere thank you for your continued confidence in what my team and I deliver day in, day out. I’m proud to be able to provide to you all a service you can count and trust on.

Seeing as to how we observed or celebrated the holiday I wanted to catalogue a thought and pass it on to you all. Labor Day was created as a tribute, or nod if you will, in honor of the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. As I read the definition written, I sit here sad and left with a bittersweet feeling. Reason being is a hindsight comparison on the truth that is happening to the many injured workers of California. The nation was built on the backs of the hard workers yet the system in California along with many other states is turning their backs on them. Sad to see it that way but so goes the sad truth. Let’s hope that some new legislation is brewing and our State and Nation start taking care of the heart and soul of our country.

But rather than rant about the WC arena and it’s current state of affairs, I wanted to focus my time and energy in extending my deepest empathy for what our nation’s people are suffering through. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation throughout southeast Texas and now with Hurricane Irma’s potential, there is no telling what this will ultimately cost in lives, homes and businesses.

In my last article I mentioned about how a negative factor can have a resonating effect, well it’s sad to say that these acts of nature debilitate communities and take years to recoup almost all the losses. I’m really interested in seeing how the White House and its Administration handles Harvey and Irma.

Here’s something positive I read, the Mexican Red Cross was finally allowed to cross the border and offer aid. Aid which they had offered in the form of 25 Trailers packed with rice, beans, coffee, chocolate, 300 beds, 9 generators, mobile kitchens, telecommunications equipment including paramedics and doctors the 1 st days of recovery yet the POTUS and it’s department had to mull over the details of what was needed, what was not needed but most of all, going on a Twitter rant about threatening to cut-off NAFTA if Mexico doesn’t pay for the border, aka “The Trump Wall”. Our President sure is something. The roster of countries offering their help or lack
there of is very telling on the global opinion of our Nation’s leader. But enough about our POTUS; let’s give a hand to those who are giving. A football player named JJ Watt has generated over 20 million dollars, Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show donated 1 million, we have the Red Cross being bombarded by huge donations from some big names, AT&T, Apple, Amazon, Disney, GE, etc. This corporate response has amassed $157 Million and growing. You see, the good people of our wonderful country are paving the path, let’s all hop on, give what we can and lend a hand if all possible. It’s a feel good moment in knowing that We the People can overcome anything.

In closing, my heart and prayers are with all of those affected by our recent fires, along with those who suffered through Hurricane Harvey and the anticipated harm that Hurricane Irma will inflict. My intention was to write about something positive but my heart and my thoughts didn’t entirely allow for it. Please keep these people in your prayers and in your thoughts. Many thanks and best wishes.

-Laura M Wilson