The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: 2nd Edition

June is upon us, which means kids are being promoted, graduating and most of all embarking on new personal voyages. For those of you hard working parents who may have children doing so I wanted to congratulate you and your loved ones for your hard work and pursuits. While the balance of the day to day may be overwhelming at times one thing remains true and that is the love we have for our children, their growth and their dreams. Parents are the building blocks and foundation for our children so job well done for walking that tightrope we call life and succeeding in providing for them. Find some time this summer to give back to yourselves, whether it’d be a beautiful hike up Runyon or pedaling bicycles all along the coast; fill your spirits with positive accomplishment and gear up for a new school year which for some may start sooner than later. Best wishes to you all.

So, one quick change for this week’s article, I’ve opted for 2 Goods and one Ugly. Keeping things positive in light of all the negative that has been happening globally. Hope you enjoy the read.


The Good

This week is coming to a close and that means the Latino Comp Day at the Races is near. Set for this Friday at beautiful Santa Anita Park we’ll have an opportunity to mingle and enjoy the ponies at the track. Nestled in the foothills with a beautiful backdrop you’ll enjoy the good energy and spirit that comes with watching these magnificent animals run there hinds off to cross the finish line. If you haven’t been to this racetrack, do yourself a favor and go. With views of the Angeles National Forest and perfect weather this is sure to be a fun event to attend.

Here is a link if you have yet to register. I can’t wait to see you all!


The Good

I get to see many close friends, colleagues and clients in a few weeks for the CAAA Summer Convention to be held in beautiful San Francisco. The program, panel and topics, yet again, look to be beyond informative so be sure to attend if not already registered. Fulfill some continuing education while expanding your knowledge in the ever changing and aggressive community we are in. We appreciate CAAA for their endorsement, support and confidence.

Be sure to stop by booth #408 for some resourceful information and pick up our newest marketing materials. Hope you like the new look we’ve been working on.

Here is CAAA’s registration link should you need.


The Ugly

Once again Fraud takes center stage on this week’s installment of The Ugly. This past Monday the Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackaukas has charged 16 people for their roles in a capping and kickback program. Of the 16 people being indicted 10 are Applicant Attorneys and the remaining half dozen work in the attorney support services side of things. Looks like a familiar copy service pulled some well-known Law Firms into their web and now stand the tough task to exonerate themselves should that be the case. They’ll each have their days in court to prove otherwise. We all know that this can drag for years so let’s anticipate justice to be served on those who are found guilty.

OC District Attorneys Press Release link:


Know who you work alongside of, but more importantly, know who you invite into your circle of trust. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg and I’m sad to say we’ll be seeing a lot more of these cases in the future. As always… wishing you nothing but success and happiness. Many thanks to all.

  • Laura M Wilson